KAM Investigations, Ltd.


Background Screenings

We provide Security protection and screenings to  HELP YOUR COMPANY Protect its assets.

We offer a wide range of background screenings including the basics:


       Criminal Checks (County and Statewide Felony and Misdemeanor)

       Civil Checks

       DMV's (Driving History, License Verification)

       Credit Checks



       Social Security Number Verification

       Address Verification

Background Screening Options also include but not limited to: Drug Screening, Instant Database Searches, Form I-9 Searches, Federal Court Searches, Professional License Verification, Workers Compensation Checks, NCIS, NCIS PLUS JAIL CHECK, National Criminal Index, Nationwide Sexual Offender, Nationwide Crim and Sex Offend, Nationwide Criminal Search, Federal District Criminal, Federal District Civil Search, Nationwide Federal Criminal, Federal Bankruptcy, Lein and Judgement Search, Nationwide Eviction Search, National Tenant Eviction Check, Bankrupcies Liens Judgements, 5 Panel NIDA Drug Test, 10 Panel Drug Test, Wants and Warrants, OIG/GSA LEVEL, OIG/GSA LEVEL 2, OIG/GSA LEVEL 3, GLOBAL WATCH ALERT, HOMELAND SECURITY/OFAC, Global Homeland Security/OFAC, FRB Enforcement Action List, DOT Employment Verification, Nurses Aide Abuse Registry, E-VERIFY RIGHT TO WORK SEARCH 

Click on the link provided and you will be redirected to a secured site.  Choose the tab on the right GET STARTED.  You will be assigned a unique ID and Password with direct access to the screenings 24 hours a day. Please call 718-225-8825 to discuss additional options.