KAM Investigations, Ltd.



2014 Price List

Breakdown of Individual Searches

All full backgrounds (Criminal, Credit and DMV) include verification of address and social security number.  

***All Criminal Search Fees are based on a single name.  Additional name is an additional search ***




NY Criminal Search    (Entire State)                           $90.00

Florida Criminal Search (Entire State)                         35.00

            Puerto Rico Criminal Search                             90.00

            Canada Criminal Search                                    85.00

            Mexico Criminal Search                                   100.00

            Criminal Search Per County Per State             35.00

            Federal Criminal Search Per District                40.00

            Statewide Criminal Search                                 40.00


            DMV’s (USA 7 year record)                               25.00

            Puerto Rico DMV                                                40.00


Credit Check (Full Credit History)                               25.00

Social Security Trace                                                       25.00


Education (Highest Degree Earned)                             25.00 + Fees From School

Employment (Last 5 Years or Maximum of 4)            25.00 + Fees if charged

                        Each Additional Employment                 6.00

                        Work Number                                         28.70


DOB                                                                                 10.00

Sex Offender Registry                                                    10.00

Office of Foreign Assets Control                                   10.00




Criminal Records are available for international countries. Please call for pricing.

Background Checks are returned within 5 business days. 

Credit checks and DMV checks can be completed the same day or the following business day. 

Investigation work (Surveillance) is billed at $90.00 Per Hour.


If you have any more questions you may contact Kelly Muller at
718-225-8825/Fax 718-225-0073 or email kmuller@kaminvestigations.com .